Delicate pava diamonds allude understated femininity.


“Delicate detailing lends
a vintage quality to these
modern design.”

3 exquisite jewellery
2 flutter
1 flutter


Evolved modern day classic featuring elegant blue and chic black diamonds amid sparking white topaz.


Bursts of colour with delicious new cabochons and vivid
London blue topaz.

4 kaleidoscope
Quality purple jewellery
Small quality purple jewellery
Gold & purple set of hearings
“Contrasts of opulent blue cabochons with crisp pave diamonds are a strong jewellery trend.”


Intricate details and organic silhouettes of warm golds and soft brushes.

Fine jewellery


Sunset rubies, midnight blue sapphires and mystical emeralds for sophisticated glamour.

“Precious red rubies; perfect for
Birthday gifts”.

Gold heart jewellery
Gold heart jewellery